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  1. H

    Avicularia Juruensis - Mature Male

    Hey everyone, I have a avicularia juruensis who has officially matured and I'm wondering if there are any breeders out there who would like to pair their female with my male before he dies of old age. The only thing I ask in return would be one of his babies if the pairing is successful.
  2. darkwhite

    i just mated my B. Emilia.. Unfortunately after mated My female molt.

    i just mated my pair Brachypelma emilia about around 6 days ago.. unfortunately my Female Emilia Molted.. i know that their last mating was invalid since the sperm was removed along with the old exoskeleton. Can i mate them again? what are the signs that i can use my Male again on her? When and...
  3. T

    Is my female huntsman ready to mate?

    Hi I'm new here Last week my pair of holconia arrived. My male is surely fully matured but I have no idea about my female is too. Female is bigger than I thought but I don't know about the clues that I can be assured. I heard male lives much shorter than female So I want to mate the two as soon...
  4. Geolycosa gosoga mating

    Geolycosa gosoga mating

    Success. This female in particular really liked him and solicited with repeated leg flicks. She made no attempt to harm him afterward