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  1. Sericopelma sp santa catalina

    Sericopelma sp santa catalina

  2. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    Lil' blueberry
  3. P wahlbergii

    P wahlbergii

    It already got tiny wings from its last molt. They grow so fast :')
  4. G pulchra

    G pulchra

    Almost flipped over while tackling the roach lol
  5. Heterochaeta orientalis

    Heterochaeta orientalis

    Lovely face
  6. G pulchra

    G pulchra

    New addition
  7. C darlingi

    C darlingi

    New addition
  8. H villosella

    H villosella

    New addition
  9. P wahlbergii

    P wahlbergii

  10. A chalcodes

    A chalcodes

    Big chelicerae
  11. C versicolor

    C versicolor

    Took some pics while rehousing
  12. L parahybana knee

    L parahybana knee

    Tiny hairs that criss-cross each other forms the stripe on my lp's knee... interesting
  13. A chalcodes

    A chalcodes

  14. L parahybana

    L parahybana

    Closeup of her eyes
  15. H gigas

    H gigas

  16. C marshalli

    C marshalli

    Pretty little eyes
  17. P audax

    P audax

  18. Found this guy in the car

    Found this guy in the car

    Man I'm finding jumpers in weird places
  19. Found this guy in a pot of food

    Found this guy in a pot of food

    Man I'm finding jumpers in weird places
  20. L parahybana foot

    L parahybana foot

    What a purdy little thing :)