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jumping spiders for sale

  1. S

    Hyllus diardi

    Anybody have Hyllus diardi (giant jumping spiders) available in the US who will ship to Arkansas?? Been looking for weeks
  2. vakusdrake

    US Captive Reared Albuquerque slings: Phidippus Johnsoni, and Phidippus Carneus slings for $20 as well as older Phidippus Comatus slings for $25.

    The pregnant mothers were caught locally in Albuquerque. The slings were born in captivity and start losing their instinctive fear of people pretty quickly, such that the oldest Phidippus Comatus slings have no fear of humans and like to use my hand as a jungle gym. I made a free wiz website...
  3. MBullock

    US CBCB Golden Jumper juv. unsexed

    'Golden Jumper' (phidippus aureus) Captive-bred, captive-born juv. for $65.00 ea A rare species not commonly available in the hobby, adult females have a beautiful golden orange/yellow color LAG- All animals guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy or money back (minus shipping cost cant...
  4. Adrian

    Wholesale lot lucas the spider plushies

    x25 x50 x100 wholsale lot lucas the spider plushies available on my website Www.midwestexotics.net https://www.midwestexotics.net/product-page/wholesale-lot-lucas-the-spider-plushie
  5. MBullock


    SHIPPING: FedEx Priority Overnight/ Standard Overnight only. Please read TOS/LAG for more information! Thank you for your business- as a reward, please enjoy a 5.00% discount on overnight shipping! Shipping varies by size, weight and distance. Please read TOS/LAG at end of post or risk...