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  1. ItsJustDan

    How do I Keep Humidity In Tank? (20 Gallon Screen Lid)

    Long story short, My brother has a Bearded Dragon, He got a new tank, Was going to throw away the old one but I wanted to see if I can somehow turn it into a Pink toe Enclosure. I believe its a 20 Gallon tank Length 30.5 IN Height 13 IN Width 13.125 IN What I had before was a 3...
  2. octanejunkie

    P. irminia sling/juvie

    Went by my LPS yesterday and picked up a 1.5" sling, probably closer to a juvenile. The spider guy there said they have had these for a few months, no one buying them - too fast and they hide too much They have them in 32 oz deli cups with vented lids and sure enough all the slings had made...
  3. D

    Humid enclosure

    hey I just made a new enclosure for my brachypelma. I used coco husks as the substrate. The substrate is pretty damp and the humidity shown in the hygrometer is 84%. Anyway to decrease the humidity without having to remove my T from the enclosure?? Thanks
  4. D

    Brachypelma is upside down(please help)

    my tarantula was fine 3 hours ago and i came to check on it now and saw it upside down. I wanted to know if it was molting or if something else happened. The humidity inside was really high. Im worried could someone explain what’s happening. Its leg span is around 7.5 cm and its body length is...
  5. Zarshenyu

    My Tarantula won't eat

    Hello :) I'm a beginner. I just bought my Tarantula from online shopping on Friday. It's male Brachypelma Albopilosum and it's is 7cm juvenile. From a shipping box, i did a rehouse for him to an enclosure. The enclosure is 18 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm. I put the cocopeat first, then put the Tarantula...
  6. N

    First premolt! (question about humidity)

    SO! Over the past few months, my b. hamorii has been eating every 28 days around the clock. (Last time it ate was 26 days ago) I had been waiting for more sings that would indicate premolt... and these past days the little guy seemed a bit anxious. He/She is always pretty chill but now it was...