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  1. ta122

    Grammostola sp. north

    This little lady was sold to me as a G. rosea, but I'm fairly certain she's a G. sp. north, I'm not disappointed. She's stunning and sweet as can be. Her carapace looks like a champagne gold, light coppery pink or a copper depending on the lighting. I did manage to get 1.2 G. roseas who are...
  2. Arlo

    Ungoliant, my new Grammostola Pulchra!

    Here she is! I picked her up on Monday and she is so so so tiny, which I definitely wasn't expecting. I'll have to wait a couple moults before moving her into the exoterra enclosure I bought. I can't wait for her to grow and turn black
  3. C

    US Looking for larger female Grammostola

    Hello all! I'm new here so please forgive me - I'm still learning. I'm looking for a larger female (at least 3" but preferably larger) G. Pulchripes or G. Pulchra. I know slings are common and I can get a sling anywhere, but i'd much rather not raise from a sling. Good temperament is a must. Thanks!
  4. Grammostola "Fatalis" rosea

    Grammostola "Fatalis" rosea

    My lovely rosea sling
  5. Richieha2012

    G Pulchra Advice Needed

    Hey guys, many of you have helped me out on the Terrestial Suggestions thread I posted on General Discussion. I’m starting this one for advice or guidance on raising my G Pulchra sling. I’ve never raised them (or any sling this small) before. I noticed that this morning, the spiderling had found...
  6. Dssntx

    Tarantula ID?

    Hello all! I’m new to this site, I’ve been on Arachnoboards for a while but wanted to try this out. This is not my own T but someone I know owns it but has no idea what it is. (Being new to the tarantula hobby I also have no idea lol) My immediate reaction would be G. pulchra but that seems to...
  7. K

    Hi! I'm Kari.

    Nice to join you all. I have a 9 year old mm G. pulchra that I raised from a sling. He is wonderful and he brought me into the awesome world of Ts! I came here to seek breeding advice and maybe even find a mate for this dude if he isn't too old to mate.
  8. B

    U.K. Grammostola maule WANTED

    All, Please help me find a Grammostola maule, UK based. TIA Ben
  9. Mugsy

    Is this G. Rosea sling?

    Hey guys I just wanna ask you if this is a Rosea sling? I bought this one last December and the seller (which is someone I know) told me that it was a B. Albicep sling. Just today he asked how was the first tarantula I bought from him and took a picture of it to show him. After that he replied...
  10. Grammastola Actaeon

    Grammastola Actaeon

  11. S

    Help My Tarantulas acting wierd

    Hey guys im Spider.Mommy im still new to owning a T and I feel very anxious about my lil spidy! She is a Grammastola Rosea and ive had her since she was a lil 1cm big baby. She used to feed very well and she grew quickly! The molts were fine and after I brought one to the petshop where I bought...
  12. E

    New Grammostola pulchripes

    Hi! I'm getting my first T in a few days, a Grammostola pulchripes sling, it's about 1"/1,5". I will be getting it from a reptile shop, and they said it's a female. But isn't it impossible to sex them when they're so small? I searched on internet but I can only find methods to sex them when...
  13. StickyStein

    US Looking for MM G Pulchripes and MM GBB

    I live in Missouri but will pay for shipping with LAG
  14. 0.1 Grammostola iheringi

    0.1 Grammostola iheringi

    Freshly molted female, stunning colors and look at those legs!