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giant agave jumper

  1. P. basalis eggsac!

    P. basalis eggsac!

  2. when you love you food WAY too much!

    when you love you food WAY too much!

  3. Paraphidippus basalis

    Paraphidippus basalis

    Success! CBCB babies in the near future!
  4. Paraphidippus basalis

    Paraphidippus basalis

  5. Paraphidippus basalis Female

    Paraphidippus basalis Female

    One of my nicer females
  6. Paraphidippus basalis Mature female

    Paraphidippus basalis Mature female

    Im really liking this species, so far. the large size and bold patterning are very attractive! Unlike phidippus, of which mimic velvet ants, these appear to be mimicking some sort of true bug or perhaps something long extinct before humans set foot in america
  7. Paraphidippus basalis Mature Male

    Paraphidippus basalis Mature Male

    One big jumper! This male is 1-2 mm shy of 2" legspan! This species of paraphidippus is found around rosette-forming plants, like Agave, Yucca, Sotol etc. A wise defense strategy, as my poor punctured hand now displays :\