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g. pulchra

  1. 20200519_211235.jpg


    Grammastola pulchra
  2. I

    Too much decoration?

    Hi all, I got a bit concerned when my G. pulchra disappeared into a hiding spot shortly after being rehomed into what I’ll admit is too big of an enclosure. However, she (unsexed but ) has recently reappeared, freshly molted and looking beautiful. She’s drinking from her new bowl and has eaten...
  3. Elizabeth_S

    US Looking for G. pulchra Female

    I am searching for a confirmed female G. pulchra of any size, my adorable little sling unfortunately turned out to be male on his last molt, and this is a species I want to keep for a long time. Let me know what you have available! Elizabeth
  4. Greenbay1

    G. pulchra slings

    I just saw this morning on KC Tarantula's Discord channel an explanation for the great influx of G. pulchra slings. One of the members from South America said that 1000 egg sacs were smuggled out to Europe. They were concerned because it depletes the wild population. They were also concerned...
  5. TarantulaqueenRm

    New sling enclosure?

    Hi! So, I have never owned a T before and have been doing all my research as to what they need and everything. The other day I just so happened to find these little 4x5" Halloween containers, and I thought it was too cute! Now I was wondering would I be able to house my incoming 3/4 G. Pulchra...