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  1. Artema atlanta 'Giant pholcid' eggsac

    Artema atlanta 'Giant pholcid' eggsac

    This species attacks mostly widows- this female had slain an adult L hesperus and stole her retreat. it's possible they prefer targets with eggsacs, that way the slings get a food source to survive long enough to reach i3 and significantly improve their survival odds.
  2. aphonopelma chalcodes i1 slings

    aphonopelma chalcodes i1 slings

    sooooo many slings.
  3. Aphonopelma chalcodes i1

    Aphonopelma chalcodes i1

    Dang. That's even more than I thought. just the slings outside alone count over 100. i think that was like 500 eggs lol. it's so crammed full, no space at all. time to inject 500 more slings into the hobby! XD
  4. Andy.rasmussen14

    Looking to for advise to rehouse 300 baby curlys.

    Hello all, My roomate bought a Curlyhair tarantula from a pet store and it laid an eggsac. We thought it would be a dud when we cut it open (45days after she laid it) but we found about 300 1st instar tarantulas. We do not feel good about freezing them. Is there anyone who is willing to take...
  5. MY TARANTULA LAID EGGS - Making Of An Egg Sac

    MY TARANTULA LAID EGGS - Making Of An Egg Sac

    FINALLY! My Tliltocatl vagans (formerly Brachypelma vagans) dropped an egg sac MONTHS after having been paired and EATING my male Mexican Red Rump Tarantula....
  6. Calisoga longitarsis with eggsac

    Calisoga longitarsis with eggsac

    Kali finally made her eggsac- she ate the last one so i took this one from her and placed it in an incubator. these dont need to be turned, and can just be left alone until they hatch.
  7. Cyriopagopus lividus eggsac!

    Cyriopagopus lividus eggsac!

    Cyriopagopus lividus eggsac due to be pulled on 12/03/21