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caribena versicolor

  1. C. versi on the edge

    C. versi on the edge

  2. C. versi sling "doing laps"

    C. versi sling "doing laps"

  3. C. versi sling "doing laps"

    C. versi sling "doing laps"

  4. T

    Caribena versicolor

    I was curios if anyone knew of a good place to obtain a Caribena versicolor, I just ordered one and unfortunately it was a DOA. I had a horrible experience with the seller and all the other places that I've looked are sold out, any help would be appreciated
  5. C

    US C versicolor sling wanted

    I am looking to purchase a caribena versicolor sling from a trusted member and fair price. Please pm me
  6. wujek006

    US Poe Metallica Carinena Versicolor

    I will change my 4 month Adult male Poe Metallica for small/ juvenile Carbena Versicolor . Im from NY
  7. NukaMedia Exotics

    Caribena versicolor Rehousing Video

    One of my first tarantula videos, even though I have a good-sized collection of 25 specimens. Hopefully I'll keep some good content coming, I'd like to do a feeding video next.
  8. JSReptilesUK

    Some of the Ts

    We have 15 tarantulas currently - but don't have photos of them all to hand. So here are a few of them: Ronnie the N. Coloratovillosus Fly the C. Cyaneopubescens Jellybean the C.Versicolor Mr T the B. Albopilosum (our first T!)
  9. Gunnies Spiders

    US AFs C.Perezmilesi,H.Sp Klein,Versi,slings etc!

    For sale: A Few Gems! AF Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi 2” 3 years old. Recently molted female in pic! $125 (2 others available) AF Hapalopus Sp Klein 2.5” 3+ years old...Max size! $100 (2 available) Caribeña Versicolor 1.75” Unsexed...Nice sized! Awesome colors $55 Limited Supply!!! Not...