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  1. Dave Jay

    Australian Pie-Dish Beetles

    I bought 8 of these beetles from a friend on the weekend, they'll be here tomorrow if there's no delays. They're a type of Darkling Beetle so care should be pretty easy. I could set them up the same as mealworms I think, even use them as mealworms for feeding but I think I'll go with a more...
  2. Dave Jay

    Jewel Bugs

    Belinda found these bugs in the Murray Mallee, they were hiding in a fallen branch that was decaying. I decided to keep them, reckless I know but they look even better than the pictures show. I took some of the inside of the wood with me thinking they might be detritus feeders. Once home I gave...
  3. Dave Jay

    Tiger Beetle

    I want one of these now!!! lol Seriously though, I will be looking very carefully on my next trip to the Mallee!
  4. Dave Jay

    Flesh Eating Beetles

    After reading about these beetles (Dermestes maculatus) I decided I'd keep the ones I find in the cricket tubs, but of course there have been none in the last few tubs I bought so I still only have two beetles and one larvae, although the larvae should pupate soon if it hasn't done so already...