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Flesh Eating Beetles

Discussion in 'Invertebrate Pet Talk' started by Dave Jay, May 7, 2018.

  1. Dave Jay

    Dave Jay Well-Known Member

    Feb 11, 2018
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    After reading about these beetles I decided I'd keep the ones I find in the cricket tubs, but of course there have been none in the last few tubs I bought so I still only have two beetles and one larvae, although the larvae should pupate soon if it hasn't done so already. Interestingly the other day I could see movement beneath the substrate and both beetles were above the disturbance which had to be the larvae because nothing else was added to the tub, I hope they weren't trying to eat it. I hadn't read that they would, and there was a centimetre of substrate between the disturbance and the beetles, but I had read that commonly a piece of foam is added for the larvae to pupate in. I hadn't added one because it is a large tub for 2 tiny beetles and 1 larvae.
    Initially I added a chunk out of a tin of "gourmet" dog food that I feed the lizards (as part of a varied, rounded diet) and they all took to that within minutes. I have since added two pieces of semi dried raw chicken which they liked, I saw behaviour from the beetles like headstanding and posturing on top of the chicken so I hope they might lay eggs on it if I am lucky enough to have a pair.
    I assume I will soon collect more larvae and beetles as they are usually quite common in the cricket tubs, but I really only need one to lay fertile eggs and the colony will grow.
    In the pictures you'll see that following advice from taxidermy sites I spray the meat and around the water dish but keep the rest of the substrate dry.
    If you keep these or have experience with them let me know, post pics if you can, I'd welcome any input. flesh 1.JPG flesh 2.JPG

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