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avicularia metallica

  1. D

    Avicularia Metallica sexing

    Hello dear tarantula friends, what do you think about the pictures of my Avicularia? It has a body length of approx. 3 cm. Is it a her or a him? Thanks very much!
  2. Avicularia avicularia morphotype 6

    Avicularia avicularia morphotype 6

    She just molted and ate yesterday for the first time.
  3. Jacqueline King

    Help! I fed my avic. metallica directly after her molt!

    I was just feeding my avic metallica a small roach and accidentally dropped it in her web & when I looked in I realized there was a fresh molt in there! I panicked because I know if she attempts to eat before her fangs harden, that could be potentially fatal. Her web is shaped kind of like a...
  4. DreadedNeith

    Help sexing a. Metallica

    I recently got into the hobby and got an Avicularia Metallica. Im hoping its a female but i cant tell. if you need different angles please let me know. Help would be greatly appreciated.