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Help sexing a. Metallica


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I recently got into the hobby and got an Avicularia Metallica. Im hoping its a female but i cant tell.
if you need different angles please let me know. Help would be greatly appreciated.


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Well.. I researched a bit more on ventral sexing and i think i may have a female. Its easier to look at her in real life rather than the photos i posted. These photos are angled because if taken straight on the camera flash makes it impossible to see the spider.
The reason i think it may be a female.
The epigastric flow is more rounded on my spider than on examples of males. Its hard to see that in the images i posted due to the angle.
The anterior pair of booklungs are wider apart than the images of males that i have seen.
and the angle of the booklungs compared to the line also indicate a female.
So I know this isnt 100% accurate but i will also examine her molt when she decides to supply me with one.

If anyone with more experience wants to take a guess I'd be more than happy to hear your experienced opinion. I can take more images if need be.