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avicularia juruensis

  1. JuruensisFan

    Hello there, everyone!

    Hi there, everyone! My name's Rebecca. Just joined this forum today, and I'm very happy to meet fellow tarantula enthusiasts. I don't know many people irl who like tarantulas the same as I do, so it's nice to be part of a community like this one! I currently have a sub-adult female Brachypelma...
  2. NukaMedia Exotics

    Avicularia juruensis "Peru Purple" Tarantula - Opening Egg Sack & Rehousing Adult Female!

    New upload showing me opening up an Avicularia juruensis "Peru Purple" tarantula egg sack, as well as rehousing the adult female that laid the eggs. Check out my website at https://www.nukamediaexotics.com
  3. spiderdisco

    Avic. Juruensis

    My sling just molted and I put it under the microscope! Am I seeing female parts????
  4. Nephrite

    US ISO MM Avicularia Juruensis M2

    ISO of MM Avicularia Juruensis M2 My female just molted yesterday. Looking for outright or loan. Located in Northern California