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  1. Dave Jay

    Australian Pie-Dish Beetles

    I bought 8 of these beetles from a friend on the weekend, they'll be here tomorrow if there's no delays. They're a type of Darkling Beetle so care should be pretty easy. I could set them up the same as mealworms I think, even use them as mealworms for feeding but I think I'll go with a more...
  2. Dave Jay

    Jewel Bugs

    Belinda found these bugs in the Murray Mallee, they were hiding in a fallen branch that was decaying. I decided to keep them, reckless I know but they look even better than the pictures show. I took some of the inside of the wood with me thinking they might be detritus feeders. Once home I gave...
  3. Dave Jay

    Australian Frogs

    I came across these pictures of a Brown Tree Frog I rescued from the cats a couple of years ago and thought I'd post them. I have lots of frog pictures if I look for them, so as I come across them or take more I'll post them in this thread. I don't have this frog anymore as I put it outside in a...
  4. Dave Jay

    Australian Tarantula Videos,Pictures and Information

    As the title says, this thread will be where any interesting video,pictures and information regarding Australian Tarantulas can be posted. I know it would have saved me hours if such a thread existed when I started researching. Please add anything you find online, or better yet your own content...
  5. Dave Jay

    Australian Lizards

    I thought I'd show some pictures of my lizards and some from the wild.
  6. Dave Jay

    Beetles in the Australian Murray Mallee Region.

    These large beetles were abundant under large pieces of cover, mostly human rubbish like sheets of metal or wood. As yet I haven't tried to ID them, but they are quite large, well over an inch long in the body with long legs. My wife caught one and put it in a tub but it made so much noise we...
  7. Dave Jay

    Australian Scorpions

    I thought I'd share some pictures of my scorpions in the one thread and include some notes on the species and their care.
  8. Dave Jay

    Urodacus yaschenkoi

    Here are two of my Uradacus yaschenkoi babies , 2nd instar going by the chart in Mark Newtons book. I collected them myself from the Murray Mallee region in South Australia using pitfall traps. I set 7 traps, got 6 of these babies and one larger. I only had shallow tubs with me (individual kfc...
  9. Dave Jay

    Australian Tarantulas - One Australians Journey

    Come down the spiders hole with me! This thread will document my journey into the world of keeping Australian Tarantulas, from setting up my first enclosures and receiving my first slings to (hopefully) the successful mating of the grown adults in years to come.