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  1. Pogonomyrmex californicus- california harvester ant

    Pogonomyrmex californicus- california harvester ant

    Dragging a mexican fan-falm seed (Washingtonia robusta) to the colony. this species lingers in urban california wherever these palms exist in sandy areas
  2. Myrmecocystus mimicus

    Myrmecocystus mimicus

    Honeypot ants from the southwest states- the species epithet is a reference to their polymorphism, causing them to resemble other species, causing confusion in the field.
  3. Camponotus fragilis

    Camponotus fragilis

    queen and new workers. These new workers are called 'nanitics' and have a short lifespan; their purpose is to survive long enough to sustain the queen for a second brood- this second brood is far more robust. This species is from the scrub and deserts of the southwest states
  4. Dave Jay

    Queen Ant

    I found a queen ant in the city (Adelaide South Australia) a few weeks ago and on impulse caught it in my empty coffee cup and brought it home. I had a 5cm x 5cm enclosure made up with compressed substrate and a drinking straw added to deliver water to the bottom of the substrate so I popped her...