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Recent content by Jesperr

  1. J

    New to forum, been keeping Ts since 2009

    Nice collection :)
  2. J

    New to forum, been keeping Ts since 2009

    Welcome! :)
  3. J

    H lividum infomational

    Pelnobius muticus(king baboon)? Haplopelma vonwirthi?
  4. J

    H lividum infomational

    You did good :) I look forward to read more of your "infomational" sections. Maybe some pictures along with the text? ;)
  5. J

    Informational on spiders

    Do one about the haplopelma species? :)
  6. J

    "Arboreal" behavior from a H.Lividum

    I dont know how old it is,but I believe it is a sub adult :)
  7. J

    "Arboreal" behavior from a H.Lividum

    Thank you :) I will find a new enclosure tommorow
  8. J

    "Arboreal" behavior from a H.Lividum

    Thank you :) I know they are burrowers but I thought it would be an okey enclousure.Do you suggest another encluosure? This ia a exo terra with "doors" so I cant add too much more substrate.
  9. J

    "Arboreal" behavior from a H.Lividum

    My h.lividum has a strange "arboreal" behavior. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  10. J


    They are awesome. Good buy ;)
  11. J

    Substrate and moss

    Hey! I was wondering what you do when you have way too much substrate and/or moss left after you've moistened it? Do you just put them in a plastic bag? Or do you throw it away?
  12. J

    G.pulchripes molt :O

    G.pulchripes molt :O
  13. J


    Hey! I joined on saturday and have two tarantulas and had them for about a month :) .Since I am new to this hobby I need tips..So where do I find that? I searched and ended up at this wonderfull place of Internet,with hopes of connecting with other tarantula keepers and getting some tips...