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Heterometrus petersii “Mazikeen”

Heterometrus petersii “Mazikeen”

This girl is in need of a nicely decorated, big enclosure. I had trouble puting her in a sliding glass door terrariums cause she escapes lol.
Mine used to climb all around. I want to get another one. I gifted the one I have to my friend out in California and he gave it my name to honor me. XD
What size enclosure do you keep it in? I have mine in a 5 gallon container because that's what everything I read recommended but it kinda seems like it doesn't need that much space.
@IamKrush She is really awesome to keep, and fun to look at when she chases the roaches around :D but she’s an escape artist.
Aw, that’s so cool that he named it after you :)
@Mvtt70 It’s a plastic tank, not sure how big. I can hear her at night going in circles and tapping the sides so I don’t think she’s that happy to be honest. That’s why I want to make her a bigger enclosure out of a fish tank so she can enjoy.
@Marija Mine is in a big 5 gallon fish tank by itself with plenty of room and I can still hear it tapping the sides and it often climbs the hydrometer trying to climb out, I think its just what they do to be honest.
We had a glass tank 2' wide x 12" deep x 10" high with a hinged top opening and back and top ventilation made for us. It's a little big for her at the moment but it should do her for life. She does clatter her claws on the sides especially at night so I guess it must be a scorp thing.
Yeah they always tap the sides... It's a little annoying sometimes because I forget where the sound is coming from and get creeped tf out while watching scary vids on utube :D. They also seem to love borrowing in corners lol
@Enn49 You ordered it from Jakub? I have a few locals that can make me an enclosure but it’s too expensive so I might do the same as I did for my LP and use a fish tank with a custom lid.
@LGTARANTULAS It used to drive me crazy in the begining but I got used to it now. The funniest thing was catching her trying to open the sliding glass dor with her claws. She would push her claws in the tiny space at the end and after a couple of days of pushing she’s out and about :D

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