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Eresus walckenaeri orange ring "Tomato"

Eresus walckenaeri orange ring "Tomato"

My juveniles are just starting to settle in after having them for a couple months, are they a pretty chill species/handlable? I have heard mixed things about venom content and them being severely aggressive? Though I have noticed no aggression with mine.
@Andee Mine is pretty chill. I must admit, I've never heard of them being aggressive and this one shows no aggression. It just walks and it's the cutest thing I've seen :D Reminds me of a jumping spider.
I agree, I have heard it random places and then heard the exact opposite. I also had never heard of them being medically significant as far as toxicity. I have three babies who are currently out of their vials and finally exploring their delis. I also have two making their way out slowly. The three I can touch are super chill and don't mind me working around them. I actually may try holding one and seeing what happens. I know which I would too... she/he seems so just whatever, always sits on the lid and is making massive webs. Seems like a happy spider!
@Andee I haven't heard anything about their venom to be honest. Whenever I open his/hers enclosure it starts to flap around with its front legs, that's why I said they remind me of jumping spiders. They just seem like friendly little spiders.
Now that you said you have three, makes me want more of them! :D
Here's a video of me handling this little one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdV30L_gzKx/?taken-by=marija_takac
I technically have 5, just three who are more brave XD I am hoping to breed them in captivity since this is one of the more... threatened species of the ladybirds in the natural habitat. There are two of the subspecies under the venacular name of ladybirds who are threatened in the natural habitat by fragmentation and how sensitive they are to specific needs for their homes.

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