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Will red runners harm a newly molted T?


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I found a red runner that i thought was eaten hiding under a piece of cork bark in my T's enclosure. He/She is in pre-moult and not eating, so I removed it. Unfortunately, it meant partially destroying some of my T's web, and felt bad for that. If it were a cricket, I know that it has to come out, for fear that it can harm or kill my T, but my question is: Does a red runner pose the same threat to a molting T as a cricket does?


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Not that I know of, I’ve never fed mine red runners, but I want to. I think I’ve heard a lot of people here say that they don’t harm them. Hopefully a more experienced member will come along.
Thanks. I would have left it in if I knew for sure, rather than wreck my T's web. Don't think they would, but better safe than sorry. Roach had to go.


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To be honest .. I don't know.
I feed a lot off redrunners because when breeding you can pick the size you need :D.
Crickets die to quick ......

But I also never leave food in when it's not eaten. I will feed them and watch them eat. If it takes longer I'll put it aside and check later. If still haven't eaten i remove it. Next week I try again.


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I'm a little late but ....
Usually no, the roaches wont mess with the spider. Unless the roach is extremely hungry it will leave the tarantula alone. The only time I've seen roaches attacking tarantulas is when the tarantula was already dead. I've had a few roaches in with tarantulas molting before and they left the tarantula alone. If you are the worried type of keeper you can toss in a carrot so the roach has food. Then for sure it will leave the spider alone.

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