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Who's molted today


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H. sp columbia molted, P. irminia molted and I found this in the A. seemanni slings enclosure. I can never get to the P. irminia exo’s and it’s in it’s camera proof web tunnel. Could get the H. sp columbia but don’t want to disturb it, as it’s still solid white.


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Hi all
Had 3 more moults yesterday. One of my T albopilosus now juveniles and my 2 girls Brachypelma bohemei 3.25 inch and Xenesthis sp Blue 4 inch.
Also the D diamantinensis from my previous post seems like a boy but not quite sure so it will go on record as suspected male till next moult. Sorry for the lack of pictures but don't like disturbing them so will post pics in the media section when they harden up a little.

Regards Konstantin


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This one is an oddity, it's my Crypsidromus sp. Boquete, Chiriqui.
I've been filling its 2 bowls every day for the last week knowing it was due to moult any day. Now this T likes to sit in the bowl filled with wet substrate a lot at any time but I didn't expect it to moult in the water bowl even less did I expect to see it moult upright.

DSCF4693 (2).JPG

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