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Who's molted today


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My little A. geniculata molted this afternoon—I knew it was fast approaching bc he/she looked like plump black shiny bean with legs of thread. Seriously looked like it was going to explode! Now he/she has tiny red setae present and white bands on legs. :). Sorry, no pic at this time — hiding out in cave— not me, the little one. Although I do feel like I’m in a hibernation cave w all the snow outside...


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You two @Poppy2020 and @octanejunkie are my favorites although Poppy2020 get a few extra points because she is a rider ;)
I ride, bro

You never asked


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One of my Avicularia avicularia, another one of my Tliltocatl albopilosus and my Caribena versicolor all molted this weekend I’ve had a busy month with molts it’s awesome to watch my collection grow up it’s so rewarding
Sorry about the bad pictures and condition of the molts
I was unable to get a picture of my C. Versicolor he/she was hiding


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I thought I'd start a new thread for people to share stories and pictures of their Tarantulas that have recently molted. I woke up to two this morning...View attachment 28565
My 3" suspect male Poecilotheria regalis "Indian ornamental " with his new suit. His name is "Alice":cool:View attachment 28566My teeny tiny Iridopelma hirsutum "Amazon ribbed" sling...3rd instar I believe. He was the runt of the group...glad he finally molted. His name is "Thing 5":D
My LP and curly hair molted just last night about same time my other LP is almost gonna molt anytime now


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