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What's everyone listening to?


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On one of my amateur radio news feeds, I have just been sent details of ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS, a group who recycle old & unwanted electronic equipment such as barcode readers, household fans, old Cathode Ray TV's & air conditioning units into musical instruments.


Striped Shirtsizer
Literally combining fashion and music, by filming a striped shirt with a video camera, you can make sounds from the pattern on the clothing. Wear something stripy and create music!

This strange tower emits radio waves. If you hold a radio close to it, the tone of the noise changes and you can play it like a kind of musical instrument. All you need is a regular AM radio or remote control to become a Denrin-Tower musician!

CRT-TV Gamelan
This intrument plays a cathode ray tube TV like a keyboard percussion instrument by catching the electromagnetic waves emitted from the tubes with the player’s body.


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