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Normal list (excludes shipping)

Monocentropus balfouri
0.1.0 - 5" female $275

Diplocenteus whitei
-- 0.0.10 4i 20 each, 5 for 75, 10 for 125
Hottentotta hottentotta
0.4.0 - $25 each 4i
Hottentotta jayakari - all possibly sterile, I can't get them to breed. Third generation captive born
-- 3.0.0 - mature males 30 each OLD
-- 0.1.0 - mature female 45 has been paired and sunned for months, hasn't given birth, not showing embyros, OLD
-- 0.0.1 - 4i 25
Leiurus quinquestriatus
-- 0.0.100 - 2i cb 20 ea, 2 for 35, 5 for 85, 10 for 150, 20 for 270, etc
-- 0.0.15 - 3i cbb 25 ea, 2 for 47.5, 5 for 115, 10 for 200, etc
-- 0.1.0 adult female 50 wild caught
Liocheles australisae
-- 0.0.15 - 2i - 20 each, 5 for 85, 10 for 120
Parabuthus pallidus orange morph
-- 0.3.0 mature females 100 each
Parabuthus schlechteri
-- 0.0.25 - 2i - 25 each, 5 for 100, 10 for 175
-- 0.0.10 - 4i - 32 each, 3 for 90
Parabuthus transvaalicus
-- 0.0.10 - 4i ish, unsexed, 40 each, 3 for 100
-- 6.0.0 mature males 50 each (young and fresh)
Paraejovis sp? Confusus?. (Unidentified, mother was sold as a spinigerus, but definitely wasn't)
-- 0.0.3 $10 each (two adults, one subadult. I presume the adults to be males since they aren't eating much) captive born and bred
-- 0.1.0 - WC adult female - 15
Smeringurus mesaensis
-- 0.0.22 - two bloodlines of captive born specimen, 3-5th instar, 5 each, take them all for 90
Tityus stigmurus
-- 0.2.0 - subadult female 70 each
-- 0.1.0 - adult female 100

Orange head roaches
20 mixed adults $25 shipped usps


This cost varies by your location, weather, and the day we choose to ship. These price ranges are meant to reflect the most commonly quoted pricing via ShipYourReptiles .com
10-20 3 Day FedEx Ground
15-30 2 Day FedEx Ground
35-60 1 Day FedEx Air, comes with LAG


Extra Info
All specimens are cb unless otherwise stated. I require a minimum order value of 25 before shipping! I do not ship outside the lower 48.

Central Ohio, USA

My Reviews:



All specimen listed below will need pictures prior to shipment, except for the lateralis. I'm open to entertaining other offers, these ones I'm looking for in particular and might trade heavily for

Blatta lateralis

Scolopendra heros heros
Ethmostigmus trigonopodus mature male

Mature male Monocentropus balfouri - a fresh unused one only

Mature male and female Parabuthus maximus (if wild caught, will requires photos and videos of condition, time spent in captivity, and who it was bought from)


Arkansas *NEW*
unfortunately, USFWS has lobbied to pass a new law to prohibit venomous sales in the states. as a result, I will no longer be shipping Scorpions and tarantulas to that state

All inverts are considered unsexed if the sex is not stated. If it turns out the specimen I sent you was not the sex it was advertised for whatever reason, you may be entitled to a partial refund or exchange.

Shipping policy
I AM NOT responsible for carrier delay/error. This WILL violate my TOS for LAG as stated above. Note, I will make exceptions for surprises and my own mistakes. I'm very forgiving and generally go above and beyond to make things right even when you don't get LAG if I feel I've made a mistake.

Payment Policy
I accept Paypal. Cash can be used for local pick up at a reptile show.

Live Arrival Guarantee
I will offer live arrival guarantee (LAG) on all of my Next Day (1 day) shipments. If you request specific special needs for the package, want me to ship in weather I deem unsuitable, or the carrier does not deliver before the estimated day of arrival, LAG will be null and void.

Dead On Arrival DOA policy
For DOA, the following criteria must be met: you must contact me within 1 hour, you must have signed for the package at first delivery attempt (if applicable), you must keep all the packing materials and contents in case I need verification for potential foul play, and I require picture verification. Once all conditions are met I will refund or attempt to replace the lost individual(s).

Refund or Replacement Policy
If all of the requirements for a dead or injured specimen are met, I will offer a refund or replacement for the animal that both parties can agree upon.

General Refusal policy
I have the right to refuse to do business or communicate with anyone at my discretion.

Trade Policy
You ship first if you have under 5 reviews on Arachnoboards or any of the invert feedback groups. In the case of a DOA on my end, I will attempt to replace the invert at my cost, if that is not possible, we can work out new terms to the trade and send a different specimen(s). If all else fails, you'll get a payout equal to the cost of the specimen needing replaced. This trade policy does not apply to trades for feeder insects.

"Old" specimen: *NEW* I will honor LAG within the time period above, but note there are no guarantees on longevity of the specimen. As with everything, use your discretion.
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This is off topic, but is Arkansas the only state that's banning venomous sales or is this for all states?
It's the only one I know of! A friend of mine just got started In the hobby like five months before their law went into effect and he was ticked off haha.

It's mostly there in my ad to protect both me and the people ordering! I don't want either of us to get in trouble!