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U.K. Tarantulas for sale


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Will do deals on multiples, pictures available on request.

P.met 6.5inch female £85
N.chromatus 4-4.5inch female £35
B.subulosom 4.5inch female £50
T.stirmi 3.5inch unsexed £55
B.albiceps 3.5inch female £45
A.seemani 5inch female £40
B.hamorri 4inch female £40
B.kahlenbergi 3inch female £35
P.murinus 5inch female £45
M.balfouri 2inch x2 females £70
L.para 5inch female £38
L.para mm £20
A.genic 5inch female £40
Avic Guyana 2.5inch £25
A.pulcalpa 3inch female £35
A.pulcalpa 5inch female £50
P.met mm £30
H.mac 3.5inch female £30
H.himalayana 3inch female £40
H.gigas 3.5inch female £25
P.pulcher 5inch female £35
P.irminia 5inch female £35


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Hi was wondering whats left in the list was looking to see if you still have B.hamorri 4inch female and the P.irminia 5inch female....
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