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Sling death D;


my P. metallica passed away.. wasn't sure why. It went through a successful molt, hardened up and I don't think it ever ate after that. I did a few re-houses that were pretty stress free and successful. The sling was very happy. I think I remember leaving a dead cricket in the husbandry over night, it must've chewed on it, maybe, I wish.

I thought it wasn't getting enough airflow or heat so the last re-housing was very well ventilated and I purchased a small heat mat and kept it near the terrarium.

You know, looking back on that picture in the first posting, the sling definitely shrunk after its last molt.... whatcha think that might mean? Not eating? Not drinking?
The terrarium was well humidified and I would always remove the crickets if the sling refused to eat, which was always. I know you should definitely wait to feed after a molt, which I did. but always attempted to feed everyday after about day 4-5 after the molt. And alternated between 1 cm." or less crickets

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I'm sorry to hear that. Sadly there are some that are just not meant to be and there is no point in beating yourself up about it.
Unlucky, mate. I had my first tarantula death this week too, which also happened to be my P.Metallica sling. Impossible for me to know what happened but I just have to get another one as I really want an adult P.Metallica.


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I only lost one so far. It tears you up more then it should.

Maybe try out a less expensive pokie like Striata or Regalis first just to make sure it's nothing you are doing wrong before dropping a ton of money on P Metallica again.

As with all pokies, the males are much more drab and so it's 50\50 to get a female. That means getting 2 or 3 slings to be sure.

There's always H pulchripes if you decide to go another direction!!