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Sharing some of my Sweet Ts.


Just sharing some pictures. This is probably overkill but it’s nice to finally share photos of a few of my T’s with other people who enjoy them.
My collection continues to grow. I thoroughly enjoy raising mine from slings and love getting to know each of their personalities.
I got my L. Parahybana’s in 2016 and my males had been throwing sperms webs constantly. I’ve tried pairing them 3x in the last 4 months, all unsuccessful, I am not a breeder so YouTube has been my guide, my females gets frisky and then pissy. My sweet boy just happily drums waiting. So, pairing is not my specialty and but loving them and decorating their enclosures is. LOL.
Thanks for looking.
Y’ll have a wonderful day. :D



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Beautiful pictures and beautiful spiders. They are lovely