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A thread for links to those reclassifications of Ts that drive us all mad.

To start it off the reclassification of Avicularia


so if I am reading this correctly. Avic avic is no longer Avic avic, but Avic Avic is now actually Avic Velutina, Avic ancylochyra, Avic exilis, Avic Cuminami and Avic nigrotaeniata? God knows what my "Avic Avic" is now then!


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Is B hamorii close enough?

This is my newest tarantula and it is just one that brings a smile to my face each time I see it. In fact, I can see the cage without even getting out of bed.

View attachment 33399

How can anyone object to one of these?
My all time favorite. I can't wait until my little guy (1.5") looks like this. Maybe about 3 years! At least since the last molt a couple of weeks ago, I'm starting to see the red markings.
I’m a little confused (no change there), how can so many of them now simply be classed as Avicularia Avicularia? There are obviously slight differences in them to be classified that way in the first place. So how can they suddenly all be the same spider?

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