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Overeating concern!


New Member
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Ugh!! My A. genic molted so I finally feed it after the fangs hardened. I decided to feed it a waxworm that seemed on the smaller side in the container but once it was in the enclosure and started crawling I realized how big it was. In typical A genic fashion, it was pounced on in no time. Now after eating it my T's abdomen is HUGE! I am obviously not going to feed it any time soon. Should I be worried about my T? Can an abdomen rupture from overeating?


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3 Year Member
Lodi, NJ USA
I don't think overfeeding can cause a rupture, at least I've never heard of that happening. Sure if your T falls from a significant height, that's always a possibility, but I don't think they will eat until they pop. Don't feed for awhile, and make sure your feeders are smaller next time you do feed your T. Best of luck to you.

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