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New amazing microhabitats!


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Hello again,
I am George from Tellus Microhabitats. We are a small industry based in Greece that manufactures Terrariums/Aquariums! You can check more here:
and on our Instagram account @tellus.microhabitats.

Each Terrarium/Vivarium is available at a Standard and Smart (smartphone controllable) edition.

We would appreciate a lot any comment/feedback positive or negative about our products.

Available sizes :
•21*21*21cm (at 29€)
•21*21*42cm (at 39€)
•42*42*42cm (at 46€)
•84*42*42cm (at 79€)
•custom-dimension order

Thank you advance!


T Lurksalot

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Hello George,

Do you plan to offer a version with ventilated plexi tops? Many of us T keepers won’t use enclosures with wire mesh screen, it’s dangerous for our animals and they can often rip through it and escape.


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Shipping to the U.S. will be more then the tank is worth. You should use the marketplace to advertise these in Europe and the UK.

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