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Never Thought I’d Love A Fish So Much…


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Chicago, Illinois
I hope I’m posting in the right section…but I wanted to introduce you guys to Azreal, my male Opal Betta I got a couple months back. I truly adore this little guy, and wished they’d live as long as some of our beloved T’s.

He’s a very curious little guy and always greets me when he sees me enter the room. I’m glad his fins are finally growing back!!! I think the transport/shipping stressed him out and that’s why he started biting. Once he settled in, he seemed to stop biting them and they’re growing back.

I did try getting 2 different bettas at Petco (second one was an exchange), but they died the next day after getting them. Tbh they didn’t look the healthiest to begin with so I felt I needed to go to a private mom and pop fish/pet store for a healthier fish.

I had a Betta when I was a kid and I remembered that he was so cool, and how he survived in just a fish bowl! Lol seems like their care is a little more complex these days. But he’s been doing well and I think he’s happy! Thanks for looking!!!



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