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US My male P sp machala matured


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He just matured & he'll be ready to ship after I get him to eat, next week Wednesday or Thursday.

I want to trade him, not sell him.

In exchange I want

1 or two E olivacea slings


3+ M balfouri slings.

Or (highly unlikely)

P ornata sling. (Which has to be in Maryland only for to federal restrictions -- no interstate allowed)
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Here's some pics.

P sp machala Percy MM2.jpg
P sp machala Percy MM1.jpg

He's not a bad looking fellow at all!! Be advised, in only interested in sending him off to a breeder, not someone who just wants to keep him.

I do NOT agree and will not send him off for hybridization!!

Mature males don't have a very long lifespan, last hurrah. If no one is interested, I'll just enjoy him until the end.

I still have to wait for him to finish hardening up to feed him before sending him out. He'll probably be ready by either Tuesday or most likely Wednesday.

This was from his last molt a few months back, very impressive indeed!!

I'll still consider some M balfouri slings in trade since they can all go together into the vacant cage.

If you have any other offers that might be if interest in trade let me know.

As I said before, you keep all but 2 of the slings. Most people want 50/50. I don't, which I feel is a much better deal.

For example, I traded my MM H pulchripes for 2 P vittata slings just a few weeks before the ban & they are wonderful.

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