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My GBB let out a Big Squeak...and kinda freaked me out for a sec! Has anyone ever experienced this?

Dr. Phibes

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North Carolina
So I was re-housing several of my T's this past week and got to my GBB which is a Juvenile, prob a molt or two from being an adult. I went in with a capture cup knowing she/he is super fast and she immediately freaked and darted across the enclosure and let out a high pitch squeak that totally caught me off guard!!? She dove head first into some moss and burrowed down into it. I was so gobsmacked I just left her in and shut it back up. Later that evening she was out and chilling in one of her webbed up areas. I've owned T's (only new world) on and off for years and never heard one squeak like that. I read they do it by rubbing their hind legs together aka "Stridulation". Has anyone had this happen to them? Kinda freaky...lol


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I am not sure if GBB's can do it or not, but some T's do something called Stridulation. It is what a cricket, grasshopper etc does.

The Australian Whistling/ barking spider Selenocosmia crassipes is one species that does it & my largest Theraphosa stirmi does a mean hiss, not disimilar to a snake which is clearly audiable from several feet away.

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