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My first scorpion! - Smeringurus mesaensis

Dave Jay

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I would think it's probably getting ready to moult. I don't know the habits of this species personally, but it's not unusual for a burrowing species to avoid both the extremes of winter and summer by sealing themselves in their burrow for a month or two, but usually juveniles use the time to moult and adult females give birth. It might just be it's internal clock telling it that it's winter.

Avicularia Kael

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Officially it hasn't eaten for a month. The last time I fed it it was on 1/5/19. That was the last day I ever saw it eat. I have left crickets in there and they disappear but maybe the get buried in the sand? It was fed 2 crickets that day. It was the day I got it too. I assume it is

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