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Moving out with my T


So around the beginning of next year I'm going to be moving from Florida all the way to Washington. This trip will probably take around 3 days, and I have to moved my T. Albo with me obviously. The two options I am thinking of is taking her with me in my vehicle, or possibly shipping her up to a friend's house in Washington. One may be safer but one is also more cost effective seeing that I wish to save as much money as possible for the move, What are your guys' advice?


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Does your friend have experience with Ts? If not, it may be better to bring your T with you.

My concern with driving with your T is what weather you may encounter and keeping your T safe. You may be going through colder temperatures so plan ahead.

You should not have an issue if you are staying overnight in hotel/motel as many do allow pets. Whether you tell them you have a tarantula is up to you.

Not sure if this helps but for more definitive answers you need to provide more information.


If you are talking about driving from Florida to the STATE of Washington, 3 days is a ton of driving each day. I took 5 covering it. In any case, depending on the T, you can put it in a smaller enclosure for a week without issue. Just keep it warm and I wouldnt even worry about water until you rehouse it the day you get into your new place. Just make sure the re-housing is immediate. Spray the sides of the enclosure with water. Store the new substrate in the enclosure along with other stuff that goes in it. As soon as you get inside, set it up and rehouse the T.

I drove from Pensacola to outside of Seattle (Kent), with 2 boa, 2 rattlesnakes and a Emperor Scorp... full ride.