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Mites? what to do?


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Most of the times I remove the remaining insect parts from the enclosure that the tarantula didnt eat, but this time, both were all the time taking care of their food standing on them, but today I see little white dots walking around the corpse, what is the best thing to do? clean just the corpse? or remove all the substratum and put new one? I also wanted to get those little springtails that helps cleaning the enclosure or even isopods, the thing is that I know that isopods need a little bit more humidity to survive and brachypelma auratum gets stressed with that much humidity, so what do you recommend me to do rn?


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Just remove all dead decaying matter and dry out your enclosure. Keep your spiders water dish full but don't water the substrate for a while. This will kill them off. They're not harmful in small numbers so don't stress. Yes isopods and springtails need moisture but you may still have mites showing up. I don't use any of these and keep my enclosures on the dry side and avoid all the extra work by keeping them.

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