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US Mature specimens and more


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0.1 Pterinochilus lapalala 1.5" $190

1.0 Pterinochilus murinus DCF Kigoma 2" $50

1.1 Grammostola pulchra 1.5" - 2" F-$220 M-$90

0.1 Poecilotheria regalis - AF $195

1.0 Phormictopus sp. 'Dominican Purple' matured 5/25, still eating and doing well - 3 successful pairings with weeks of cohabitation, very docile $75

1.0 Pamphobeteus cascada 3.5" $85

0.1 Avicularia juruensis M2 - AF $200

1.1 Brachypelma boehmi 2" F-$100 M-$50

2.0 MM Chilobrachys sp. 'Saraburi' matured 5/25 and 6/22 - just cover transportation

0.1 Sericopelma sp. 'Rambala' 3"+ $120

0.1 Sericopelma generala 4.5" $250

0.0.3 Dolichothele diamantinensis 1.5" $90

0.1 Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 3.5" $170

0.0.2 Bumba horrida .5" - .75" $25

0.0.4 Tapinauchenius rasti 1" bred by me $30

0.1 Tapinauchenius plumipes 3" $125

1.2 Tliltocatl albopilosus: F - mature sub-adult (Nicaragua) $50,
M - matured 9/27 (Honduras) $20

0.0.7 Phidippus johnsoni .5" , bred by me $30

0.1 Platycryptus undatus 1 cm $10

Photos can be provided upon request. You may also visit my Instagram to see photos and videos.



• First to pay gets the animal / no holds

• PayPal Business will be utilized to send an invoice. Please provide your name, FedEx hub (or address so I can find it for you), email (for tracking) and phone number (for FedEx). Invoice is paid through PayPal and doesn't require you have a PayPal account of your own.

• A FedEx hub is not the same as any shipping center. They are qualified to handle animals and make sure your pet is safe. No other FedEx center can be utilized to hold a package. If your local shipping center has made exceptions in the past, this can change at any time (per the website) which can create a huge mess with lost packages or deceased animals from sitting on the truck all day. I don't want that for either one of us.

• Only FedEx will be utilized for shipping, no exceptions.

• Overnight shipping on Tuesday-Wednesday; 2-Day will be shipped Tuesday only

• Not responsible for any shipping/carrier delays

• I reserve the right to delay shipping based on weather/temperature at either my location, your location or carrier route

• LAG only applies on FedEx Overnight / 2-Day with hub pickup

• Package must be picked up from the hub the day of delivery for LAG to be honored.

• LAG temperature must be between 50-90 at either my location, your location or carrier route

• In the event of a DOA, you must notify me within 1 hour from when the package was received with VIDEO of animal

• Refunds for DOA with LAG only issued if replacement animal(s) are not in stock

• DOA refund only covers cost of animal(s) and does not including shipping fees

• Buyer is responsible for shipping cost to replace DOA(s)

• Purchase constitutes agreement with these terms
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