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south west michigan
I'm James. About a month ago i ran across some tarantula results during some random internet searches so since then I've been reading about them alot. I bought a zilla vertical terrarium kit yesterday. So I have about a 100 questions that I'm just going to ask in the applicable places. I'v had a pet mini pig for about 8 years now. She just started having to come in the house now because it's gotten pretty cold. I had a hedgehog a few years ago. I kept her in a spare bedroom and she did fine.It's usually about 70 degrees in there. That's where I plan on having the spider. I plan on getting a pink toe,mainly because that's what the pet store has here in town and reading it seems they're good for a beginner. I also had 2 ducks a few years ago. I had to give those to my neighbor when they were about a year old because they discovered a small creek across the busy street I live on and I didn't have them fenced in so the neighbor moved them to his barn with afenced in turkey about 1/2 mile or so behind my place. They were kind of alot of work.The pig is really low maintenance as was the hedgehog. The hedgehog I didn't interact with a whole lot.It slept like 23 hours a day and at like 3 in the morning it would get up and eat and run in her wheel and then back to sleep. I don't plan on trying to do much petting of the spider either. So that pretty much sums things up.


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The Oregon rain forest
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