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Growing hobbyist needing guidance

Hey! I just got into tarantulas earlier this year. I've done a lot of studying and have learned a lot but I admit that I need to learn a lot more. I know from spending most of my life in the reptile community that the best way to learn is through experience with trial and error. But there are some errors that must be avoided and the best way is to find people who have the experience and ask for help. I have really developed an addiction to tarantula... Well spiders In general, lol, and will gladly take any advice given. Being as I feel like it is legit advice. I will not throw any suggestions right out the window because i don't like them. But if it don't sound right I will ask someone else. Well I've introduced myself now I hope to meet some people with experience that's willing to teach!


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United Kingdom
Hi mate and welcome. You'll find the tarantula community a lot nicer than the reptile community, from my experience. We actually help each other here, and help nurture rather than criticize. I came off reptile forums ages ago, but I've stuck around here cos the people are decent.

Hope we can help you. I'm no expert myself, I think we are all learning, it's a lifelong thing.

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