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Jess S

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Welcome to TF. It sounds like you beat your phobia already, good on you. Soon you'll be astonishing guests by picking up scary house spiders and putting them outside by hand. Or you could end up like me, I have a shower spider, a closet spider, and a kitchen window spider that live with me. If they seem skinny, I feed them astonished guests. Lol
Hi @MassExodus Just saw this. Lol!

I've actually got a scary housespider in an enclosure and I'll be honest, he/she (not sure yet, either female or not matured) does creep me out quite a bit still. Though I'm very impressed by it's appetite plus love seeing it's butt sticking out of the water dish!
I'd like to see it through a moult then set it free. They do get big. Not sure if I want to keep it when it's packing that sort of size on though, cos they are really fast with it.

My mother's house gets a lot of the really big ones. Come September several times a week I have to get a gigantic male spider out of her bath. It's a bit early but already this week I've rescued 2 massive ones from the bath for her. I don't mind that cos they are contained in the bath! Only a few years ago, I could never have done it, so it shows you can learn to face your fears.

Funnily enough, my mother never used to be scared of spiders, she would handle them in front of me +my sister, we'd be screaming our heads off. But since all these horror stories in the tabloids about people getting bitten by false widows, she won't go near any of them now. Sad.

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