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Dubai roaches left in with T for a while?


New Member
I’m very worried and lean to be more on the safe side when it comes to stuff like this but trying to get her to eat, six roaches ending up burrowing under the substrate two are pretty close to her and on the surface of the substrate but It’s hard to get them out since they are stuck to the web and she keeps trying to strike at the tweezers/q tips ( I don’t want her fangs damaged by the tweezers, and the q tip gets stuck to the web) so should I try to find them and get them out to be safe or not bother my T?

Lawrence b

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3 Year Member
Are you talking about your Quezon blue ? What size is the abdomen maybe your trying to over feed they are generally good eaters . The nutritional value goes down the longer the roaches are in there . Or maybe your T is getting ready to molt that's why its not eating .


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