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Confused about my avicularia avicularia ):


Good morning I have posted several times about my 1 & only tarantula.. my avicularia avicularia! I am confident she is in pre-molt bc she hasn't ate in about a month. I have offered her food at least once a week to make sure & she backs away or puts her legs up like "nope" lol I ALWAYS have her water dish full & it's a good size.. My question is I haven't seen her web a cacoon or web herself away ... Will she do this? For several weeks she stayed on the front of her home and now she is in her favorite back spot but hanging sideways in the back corner. She's never really made webs... But she has webbed all over her home. I've had her in the same home since February of this year.. I will attach a pic or 2 & I would really appreciate it someone could ease my thoughts some with her... I know they can go months without eating & I know she's drinking bc she's NOT been on the ground or anything like that! I live in Cincinnati Ohio so it is getting a bit cold... I have her in my bedroom closet on top shelf & even wrapped her glass with a cloth thinking maybe that could warm the enclosure up a tad... Is there anything I can better for her or make anything any better? Am I doing something wrong? I would soooooooo gladly appreciate any feedback ... Thank you sooo much! All 4 pics are recent of her...


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Avics don’t always show signs of premolt. Had 1 before eat then molt 12 hours later. It’s just a waiting game , nothing you can do tbh. Just keep doing what your doing and eventually it’ll molt and you’ll see that your worried about nothing :)

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