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Brachypelma emilia sling 1"-2" not eating


Are you leaving the feeder in over night? I have a few that won’t eat until everything is quiet and dark. Your little one looks fine otherwise. She’ll eat when she’s good and ready. Is this your first tarantula?
No I do not leave overnight usually though I did put a small mealworm on a small saucer so it would not crawl out and burrow and it was still there in the morning but I have tried all different scenarios at least all that I could either think of or researched and was just putting it out there in case there was something I did not try or wasn't aware of is all and no she is not my first "T" but I am a newer owner of "Ts" so I am learning always will be learning but that's what it is to love this Hobby really isn't it. <3


Cute T! Good to ask just to be sure. I have a new 2 inch G pulchra that hasn't eaten in a week. For two years I've listened to Tom's Big Spiders about how not to panic. Yet now, when I have my first one, seems like all that understanding went out the window. I just have to wait. Good luck with yours!!
Thank you for the kind words truly.... And good luck to you as well and welcome to the forum :cool:


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Tarantula not eating is rarely a concern as long as it has access to fresh water.
I have 2 B emilia and this species is not with the best feeding response.My only worse is my Aphonopelma calcodes that was refusing food for just over an year before she moulted.
I have one juvenile female( 3.5 -4 inch)and a small sling.They both refuse food as they please and both eat when its quiet and Im not around (usually at night).The juvenile I feed every 2 weeks and sometimes she will stop eating for about 70 ish days and Im yeey premoult and then she starts eating again to rain on my parade same for my little sling with the difference that it only stops eating for 20 ish days and I offer food it every 4 days as its only 1,5 ish cm atm.
Have you tried different feeder my juvenile female will not touch anything apart from standard size brown crickets. I offered her large brown crickets,black crickets, similar size dubia roaches,morio worms and meal worms and she refused them all.Some Ts are just weird like that.

Regards Konstantin


I am hoping someone may have some guidance as to why my "T" is not eating. I got her/him at petsmart I was actually in there to pick up some mealworms for my other older "T" and found her/him there in a over hydrated, very little amount of substrate in to big of an enclosure with a water dish that had a ... wait for it.... "SPONGE" in it. ( I did try to educate the cashier at check out about the dangers of bacteria possibly killing tarantulas by having a sponge in their water dish but that's a whole other issue) Since I've gotten her/him it has not eaten once. I do have to say that there was a molt in the enclosure as well so there's that to consider here as well. It's been almost 4 weeks now and still nothing from small mealworms to very small cricket that I watched for a short time and then took it out because she/him just seems to run away from it entirely. I have small dubia roaches but I am not sure if I should put that in there with her/him. I've even cut up pieces of mealworm and that did not seam to do anything for her.him either. Please any help here would be great. I just don't want to see her/him go downhill because I am doing something wrong here.
Just an UPDATE!!! Guess who FINALLY ate...This little one thats who... :)


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