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Bad Molt and applied Solution

Martin Oosthuysen

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South Africa, Free State Bloemfontein
Okay I received 3 Avicularia species recently,little more than a day ago. I posted a photo and noted the one looks in pre molt, in fact the early the next morning it molted. Sadly this was my first time to see a Bad molt ever, I suspected the T on receiving it wasn't hydrated enough. Upon receiving it I did change the enclosure,also trying to push up humidity. Obviously this didn't help,or maybe I avoided an even worse molt result from occurring but its all speculation. So on inspection one leg was badly stuck, I left the T as is. I then proceeded to purchase a Brush with soft bristles, after work say around 9 hours later I used that brush to assist me in removing the bad molt. I would wet the brush and dab the affected area lightly in the direction of which the old molt/leg would have come off naturally, behold the badly stuck leg came free. The molt removed,and no damage at all to the leg that was stuck. Reasoning behind the brush was,if we examine an old molt we wet it to expand it again since it shrinks so it stood to reason this is what happened the T tried to shed the skin being not hydrated it was stuck. Dabbing it with a paintbrush,hydrated the skin expanding it leg came free. So even after 9+ hours this still worked,hopefully this could assist someone in the future two lessons the other keep your T's hydrated. Not saying you aren't,but it could be that you receive a T like me not knowing what the other person did wrong.