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US B. boehmei slings, B. hamorii males, G. pulchipres + more


Hey all, making some room!!

B. boehmei 2.5 inches *** $60.00 (3 avail)
G. pulchipres – 1.5 inch *** $30.00 (3 avail)
B. albopilosum – 3.5 inches *** $25.00 (5 avail)
N. coloratovillosus – 3 inch *** $35.00 (3 avail)

B. hamorii – 4 inches confirmed male *** $60ea (2 avail)
B. albo confirmed female 4 inches $35
B. albipolosum 4.5 inches Mature Male $25.00

TOS: Two-three day shipping $15. LAG for overnight only, price depends on zip code (starting at $40). For LAG, signature is required and you must notify me within 3 hours of delivery with proof of LAG for a full refund of tarantula (not shipping). Temperatures must be in a reasonable range for LAG. Heat/ice packs added at no cost.

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