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3 B sabolsum slings rehoused


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Here I rehoused three of my slings. These guys are a very docile species that you can even pinch grab if needed, but of course it's best not to do so if possible.

The shortcuts here will not work with faster, more defensive or old world species.

That's what iis so nice about brachys. You can just get it done with a little patience & they really don't seem to care.

As juveniles, I have no hesitation recommending them as a first time tarantula provided that you don't get to comfortable with the shortcuts. The hairs are undetectable, which is totally not the case with many others.

The only reservation I have is that you can get TO comfortable. Try that on L klugi or T stirmi or God forbid a pokie & the results won't be nice at all. In the case of pokies, you're going to the hospital & they are going straight to the ceiling.

As always, handling should be minimized unless absolutely necessary or the safest way to get something done. Getting sling number towo to climb the side when it has shown no inclination to do so would've unnecessarily stressed the little guy out.

Pinch grabbing him was the best way to go in that case.

B sabolsum sling #4 1.jpg
B sabolsum sling 1 switch 3.jpg


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