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  1. T

    Hey... from Germany

    Hello, I just started to get into the hobby. Even though I wanted to get spiders for several years now, and two years ago bought a big enclosure for a big spider (I wanted either T. stirmi or Xenesthis Immanis) I had now the passion to get started... I keep a X.I. female (~4-4,5cm body) now...
  2. H

    [WTB] *International* Xenesthis sp Blue & sp Megascopula

    Hi, I am looking for international seller who can send them to Indonesia… Please give any information if you have any information.
  3. N

    My Xenesthis immanis became sluggish and died.

    Hi all, I'm in the tarantula hobby for over a year now (NW only, about 15 T's). One of my latest additions was a Xenesthis Immanis (DLS around 8 cm). I only had for a bit more than a month. It ate quite well in the first weeks or so (crickets) and then stopped eating. So, I was actually...
  4. louroque

    US Xenesthis intermedia (Juvenile Female) Local (Fl.) and Shipping available

    Good afternoon to all. The item for Sale: Xenesthis intermedia: $300.00 I have been thinning out my collection over the course of the last 8-10 months. Although I have given away the vast majority locally (95%), I will be selling some (mostly females) to offset the cost of not only those I...
  5. NagafenXenesthis sp. bright

    NagafenXenesthis sp. bright

    Xenesthis sp. bright
  6. glitchsixxle

    New T. sp. panama and Xenesthis sp. bright slings

    Just got these super rare beauties, biggest buy ever haha. Can't wait for them to grow ill keep you guys updated! They truly are some of the most impressive new world species
  7. U

    Xenesthis Sp Bright

    Want one of these so bad hmu if you have one to sell or know where to get one