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  1. What a difference a day makes

    What a difference a day makes

    Juvenile female GBB making her house a home overnight
  2. Jes

    GBB sling webbing

    Hi everyone! I just wanna share my GBB sling enclosure :D She's been living here for 2 months now and I'm amazed at how much webbing GBBs can do even as a small sling(she's just around 1.75"). I'm soo glad I made the decision to get Ts as pets 4 months ago as they are really great for releiving...
  3. Miso-san (c. Cyaneopubescens) being cute

    Miso-san (c. Cyaneopubescens) being cute

    I love how she webbed her enclosure up.
  4. Brachypelma albopilosum

    Good webber

    I'm planning on buying another tarantula and I'd like it to be a good webber. I want to see gorgeous web structures. What type of tarantula do you guys think that will fit in my "needs".
  5. The Spider Collector

    Poecilotheria smithi

    Hi guys I have a mature female Poecilotheria smithi but can't seem to find a mature male?
  6. ALD

    They make the webbing but do they take it down?

    So, it's a random question- but has anyone ever seen their T remove webbing they have put up?