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  1. K

    Tarantula not drinking after molting

    Hello! Our tarantula molted for the first time on Feb 26th. Since then he’s pretty much stayed in the same place in his tank and rotates from side to side, up and down but hasn’t moved other than that. As far as we can tell he hasn’t had any of his water either. Is that normal? We thought he...
  2. Jacqueline King

    Suspended water dish for a. avic?

    Hi, I'm an insect enthusiast/owner who is new to owning a tarantula. I've read different things about ensuring the hydration of my avic. The breeder said they would get almost all of their hydration from their prey and not to worry about a water dish, but that doesn't seem right. Some people...
  3. Terrariumerrific

    Heating help for Wisconsin owner?

    Hello all, last week I acquired my first tarantula, an avicularia avicularia, about an inch and a half long from the front to the back toes. I've read a few comments here today about how heating lamps and moist substrates are not best for the genus. My worry is that I essentially live in the...
  4. ALD

    Do you need to treat water?

    I'm getting my first T soon. A GBB, and I was wondering if you need to treat their water? I have used Reptisafe for my Hermit Crabs for over a decade. It says on the bottle it can be used for Tarantulas but I don't think I've seen anyone talk about this online. Not that I have come across yet...