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  1. T

    Your thoughts on this terrarium? "zoo med creature den low"

    It would have the perfect dimensions to put on my shelfes and it looks really nice in my opinion. I would like to know if there would be any spider or scorpion species which I could keep into. I'm just not sure if it's any good, because it seems this enclosure has no ventilation on the sides or...
  2. J

    Adequate ventilation for caribena versicolor?

    Hello, I’ve kept two c versicolors previously in these exoterra enclosures except they had steel mesh tops which was a ton of ventilation. I replaced the tops with plastic to help retain heat in these colder months and to avoid their feet getting stuck in the mesh (it happened at once with my...
  3. Crisboyd

    Avic avic automated temp and ventilation

    Good evening I have bought my first few tarantulas I own 4 avic avic and 4 versicolors. My tarantulas are all slings placed in a cupboard. My temp was at about 16 low and 21 high degrees Celsius was way to cold so I then used an arduino uno and a relay and heating pads it's now sitting at 26...
  4. J

    Ventilation and behaviour

    Hi guys My T is sat in the top corner of his enclosure and is sat still I recently put him in a new home and didnt change anything from the last one only the size. Also I've only just found out about needing cross ventilation and wanted to put him in an enclosure with this but ive only just...